1. How would online diets be provided to clients?

The diets would be provided to the clients after obtaining their information i.e. personal information, eating pattern and medical history details which will be collected in an analysis form which will be sent to you once you have registered with us for the program you are interested in.

2. What diet do you provide for the clients?

We provide diets for not just weight loss but clinical diets, pediatric diets, sports diets, special diets (for women) and even ayurvedic diets. The website provides all the information with regards to the diets and the pricing details. In case there are any further queries, the clients could chat with our online consultants or call them up on the number provided after which, they could register with us for a package.

3. Being an online patient, how would the diets be provided by the Dietitian without meeting the client?

You would not be required to meet with the dietitian directly instead the diets shall be provided to you based on the information that is provided from your end which is why the initial filling of information by you is important. In case you still feel the need to meet the dietitian, we could arrange for a web conference with you so that you could clarify any doubts you may have with the dietitian directly.

4. I live abroad so how would the process of providing diets work?

For those who are joining Harpreet’s diet from abroad, we would be providing you with the diets based on what is available to you and in order to get connected with us, you could keep in touch via mail or call us on the number provided. There will be a consultant available at all times to tend to your queries. The queries could also be inboxed to us and we shall get back to you during our working hours i.e. from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm IST.

5. If I need to talk to Ms. Harpreet directly would that be possible?

If you feel the need to speak to Ms. Harpreet directly in order to address your queries, you may give us a call and we shall set up an appointment for you to speak to her either over the phone or through web chat. But please note that the conversation will be set up only after booking an appointment in advance and we won’t be charging you extra for the same.

6. I am European, so how would the diets be for me as I don’t find time to cook?

For those living abroad, we do provide a diet plan based on your staple diet. We have several patients overseas who have shown tremendous results after taking up a diet with us and we feel we shall be able to cater to your needs wherever in the world you are. We would prepare your diets based on the availability of foods in your area of residing and also based on the kind of foods you are more comfortable eating.

7. Is it a high protein diet or a low fat diet that is provided?

The types of diet that are provided to clients vary depending on the individual needs. We work on combination of foods and not increasing or decreasing the nutritional intake of the clients. Customized diet plans will be provided depending on the requirements of individuals i.e. understanding whether fat loss and medical state of individual the diets are designed in order to provide for better metabolism.

8. How often do the diets change?

The diets change based on the programme that you enroll for. There will be a change every 3 days 5 days or 7 days depending on the programme chosen.