Nourish with Food & Flourish with Health serves as a guide to steer you through the mayhem of which foods are suitable for your diet. It educates you on leading a healthier lifestyle by featuring some inspiring nutritional tips, noteworthy food facts and enticing recipes. Make use of our child-friendly recipes to dismiss those tiffin troubles, while you lose weight the right way and achieve your dietary goals. Discover antioxidant rich foods, which will enrich your diet; also delight in guilt-free meals at parties and celebrations with our special tips and recipes. This book will help you embark on a healthy adventure, while you navigate a maze of dietary choices. Easy, functional and inspiring Nourish with Food & Flourish with Health is good to have in the kitchen as well as on your coffee table.

Extent – 141 Pages
Publication Date – June 2014
Publisher – Harpreet Pasricha

Book Features

  • Health tips for all
  • Divided into 4 sections:
    1. Teach them Young, Watch them Grow:
      Meals for Kids i.e. what to eat for a healthy child and pointers for parents
    2. Antioxidants:
      Benefits of Antioxidants and the Foods containing antioxidants
    3. The Party Strategy:
      Healthy ideas for party foods and even tips to look fabulous for a party
    4. Lose weight the right way:
      Weight Loss tips and healthy recipes to control your cravings which are healthy yet taste delicious!
  • Easily available ingredients used
  • Nutritionally balanced recipes
  • 100 % natural foods! No artificial ingredients
  • Nutritional Importance of food
  • Benefits of the recipes included in the notes
  • Nutritious yet tasty and easy to make recipes

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Client Reviews

“Their diet plan makes you feel stronger, lighter, cleaner and more alert. I think this book is the first guide to better health. They distil years of experience and research into a simple, practical formula to help anyone attain their goal of a healthy life” ……… Sonu Sood


“In the times that we live in, our lifestyles, pace and clutter of routine, the wisdom of Health and maintenance of our Bodies is an Art that we need to appreciate and cultivate. Harpreet taught me, that there is no trick! No magic! Its basic habits and common sense! And that we need to know and trust our bodies. Her meal plans lay importance on overall health, glowing skin, strong hair, no part of the body is alienated. Needless to say a beautiful person in totality, Harpreet is totally focused on spreading this gift and talent of Nutrition and Health. May her tribe increase”……… Divya Seth Shah


I will recommend this book to anyone who wants to have good health and a better future. This book will help point out the right way to help you achieve all your health and fitness goals.”……… Shweta Salve


Author : Harpreet Pasricha & Amanpreet