Pediatric Diets

Nutrition to impart to your children to help them develop smart eating habits

    Height Booster

    A child’s height is largely determined by genetics but can be altered to a certain extent by external factors and daily nutritional intake. Our Height Booster diet plans emphasise on high biological value, protein rich foods to enable maximum growth in height.


    Immunity Booster

    Children have to battle an ongoing series of germs, viruses and other organisms on a daily basis. Fighting these tends to wear out their immunity and that is when proper nutrition plays a vital role. Our Immunity Booster diet plans with power foods are tasty and effective at boosting their immune system, thereby preventing the recurrence of infections developed at school and outdoors.



    Our Kids diet plan is based on tasty and nutritious food combinations to improve immunity, growth, cognitive development and eye sight. Our diet plans can stabilize your child’s energy, sharpen their minds and elevate their moods. By encouraging healthy eating habits at this age, you can make a huge impact on your child’s lifelong relationship with food and help them imbibe values of good nutrition.

    Recommended for children between 2-12 years.



    Teenage years are when the growth spurt happens! Children gain about 20% of adult height and 50% of adult weight during adolescence. The rapid growth rate and risk of disorders like anorexia, bulimiaor binge eating increases the need for vital nutrients during these important years.

    Our Teenagers diet plans help your teen not only manage his/her weight but also develop a healthy body image.The diet plans emphasise on nutrients to overcome problems like acne, menstrual cycle irregularities and puberty changes.