Wellness Diets

Nutrition that will help you be the best version of yourself


    Beat that bloat, remove toxins and stay energized by detoxifying your body and rejuvenating your organs.External factors like sunlight, cigarette smoke, microwaving, cosmetics and air pollution produce free radicals which harm the body. Detoxifying with the right amounts of antioxidants can help strengthen immunity, delay ageing of internal organs and aid in effective weight loss.


    Immunity and Health Booster

    Our immune system is our body’s first defense against harmful viruses and bacteria. A strong immune system is vital to the body’s recovery and general well-being. Our Immunity Booster program will strengthen your immune system with the power of natural superfoods, herbal homemade tonics, immunity boosting teas and natural antioxidants.


    Skin Glow

    Looking to improve your complexion, slow down ageing or get your skin glow back? Our skin health targeted program looks to support skin goals from within using a nutrient based approach combined with simple lifestyle and skincare techniques.


    Weight Maintenance

    While losing weight may seem tough, the real challenge comes in not regaining what you have already lost. Our Weight Maintenance program helps to keep off those pounds through a well-balanced diet, healthy eating habits and adequate exercise. Post weight loss, it is crucial to learn how to eat normally with your friends and family without regaining lost weight. This easy to do program allows you to eat your staple food (paratha/rice) and slowly adjust to a healthier lifestyle.