Ayurvedic Diet


Ayurvedic Diet

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Ancient alternative medicine on eating for wellnesss and vitality!

Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Consultation every 5th day with 4-6 kgs weight loss

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Ancient alternative medicine on eating for wellnesss and vitality!

This is a simple, direct prescriptive path that is developed for your unique body type, or dosha. A holistic approach to health, these diets deal with what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. The benefits that occur are not only felt in your body – they are also seen in your mental and emotional wellbeing.

These diets are based on the three ayurvedic body types, or doshas or a combination of two of the three:

1) Vata: When vata is aggravated, your system becomes irregular and depleted, which affects weak organs and tissues. Excessive consumption of bitter, astringent and spicy tastes contribute to vata imbalance. Vata governs anything related to movement, such as breathing, talking, nerve impulses, movements in the muscles and tissues, circulation, assimilation of food, elimination, urination, and menstruation.

2) Pitta: When pitta is unbalanced, you can become aggressive and irritable. Pitta imbalance may result from excessive alcohol or hot, spicy, oily, fried, salty, fermented foods. Pitta governs joy, courage, willpower, anger, jealousy, and mental perception.

3) Kapha: Kapha is unbalanced, there is a tendency for mental and physical stagnation. Excessive food consumption can contribute to kapha imbalance. Kapha governs love, patience, forgiveness, greed, attachment, and mental inertia.

Diet plans that help dining for your dosha to restore holistic health of body, mind and heart. This not only nourishes the body, but also restores balance of ‘Tridoshas’ which is very much essential for maintaining Health.