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Beat that bloat, remove toxins and stay energized by detoxifying your body and rejuvenating your organs.External factors like sunlight, cigarette smoke, microwaving, cosmetics and air pollution produce free radicals which harm the body. Detoxifying with the right amounts of antioxidants can help strengthen immunity, delay ageing of internal organs and aid in effective weight loss.


Our Detox plans can also help reset your body’s metabolism and clear up a whole list of health symptoms through antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Flavonoids and Lycopene that are available in natural foods.



  1. Diet plan on a daily basis
  2. Different cleansing plans
  3. Telephonic support from nutritionist
  4. Flexible meal plans
  5. Supplementation guidelines
  6. Coaching and motivational support
  7. Recipe assistance
  8. Unlimited email/chat support*

*subject to work hours


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