Gut And Hormonal Health

gut and hormonal health

Product Description

In this plan, the diet plan will be designed with anti-inflammatory foods, probiotics, prebiotics and functional foods to balance hormones, improve overall health, strengthen immunity, regulate hormones and prevent auto immune disorder. This plan is ideally for people having gut inflammation, hormonal disturbances and want to knock off few kilos.


  1. 5-6 diet plans in a month
  2. Medically suitable diet plans
  3. Telephonic support from nutritionist and check in with nutritionist every 4th day
  4. Flexible meal plans
  5. Coaching and motivational support
  6. Special support group
  7. Recipe assistance
  8. Unlimited email/chat support*
  9. Eat out and alcohol guidelines
  10. Feedback and progress call with Chief Nutritionist once a month
  11. Freeze package option**

*subject to work hours

**subject to terms and conditions

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