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Teenage years are when the growth spurt happens! Children gain about 20% of adult height and 50% of adult weight during adolescence. The rapid growth rate and risk of disorders like anorexia, bulimiaor binge eating increases the need for vital nutrients during these important years.

Our Teenagers diet plans help your teen not only manage his/her weight but also develop a healthy body image.The diet plans emphasise on nutrients to overcome problems like acne, menstrual cycle irregularities and puberty changes.

Recommended for age group of 10-15 years.


  1. 2-3 diet plans per month
  2. Diets based on super foods
  3. Diets based on child’s likes/dislikes
  4. Telephonic support from nutritionist
  5. Flexible meal plans
  6. Coaching and motivational support
  7. Recipe assistance
  8. Unlimited email/chat support*

*subject to work hours

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