Holistic Wellness [HW]

    Are you looking to overhaul your lifestyle, need not only a diet change but a lifestyle change? Have 1-2 medical conditions that require care and attention? Then this package is suited to you. This plan includes access with Dr Harpreet once in 3 months and once in 4 days call with the senior consultant.


    100 Days Transformation

    If you want to lose weight and inches fast, this program is for you. The program is best suited to young mothers and men who want to get into shape quickly. This program includes gut cleanse, kidney cleanse and water cleanse to eliminate toxins from the body caused by frequent eat outs and alcohol. The results of this program are amazing as it not only shapes your body, but also increases metabolic rate and ensures you stay fit for years to come.


    75 Days Metabolic Boost

    This program will reset your metabolism, help you lose weight and decrease toxic overload in your body. With a series of clean eating diet plans tailored to your body type, interspersed with intermittent fasts and specific detoxes, this program will jump start even the most sluggish metabolisms.




    Identify antioxidants & the benefits they provide for the body

    By – Harpreet Pasricha


    Basic Health Weight Management

    Pocket friendly diet plans that are customized based on lifestyle, staple food, work schedule and other factors. You can expect to lose about 2-3 kg in a month and 6-7 kg in 3 months.



    Every bride has a picture in her mind of how she wants to look beautiful, slim and radiant on her wedding day and it’s really hard to let go of that image and settle for something less. Our Bridal plan is designed with special super foods to help you get that perfect body along with glowing skin and healthy hair.



    Beat that bloat, remove toxins and stay energized by detoxifying your body and rejuvenating your organs.External factors like sunlight, cigarette smoke, microwaving, cosmetics and air pollution produce free radicals which harm the body. Detoxifying with the right amounts of antioxidants can help strengthen immunity, delay ageing of internal organs and aid in effective weight loss.



    Proper nutrition is the biggest weapon you could have in fighting against diabetes and other insulin-related disorders. Our customised diets based on type of medications / injections with natural functional foods can control or even reverse diabetes.


    DNA Fitness

    Recent research has confirmed that genes play a key role in influencing your athletic ability, sports performance and physical fitness. This plan comes with DNA testing, interpretation of test and one-time customised diet plan as per the reports to improve endurance,performance, aerobic capacity and recovery.


    DNA Health

    When we know about our family’s history of predispositions/diseases, we can take preventive measures beforehand and this is what this program aims at. This report will show influence risk of more than 45 health conditions and will help you understand your body better. With this, you will be able to align your lifestyle to your genetics to reduce the risk of diseases. This program comes with DNA testing, interpretation of test and one-time customised diet plan as per the reports.